Hernia Rehab Exercises

Posted: Jan 25 in Surgery Blog tagged by Staff

A hernia is a common condition that occurs when abdominal muscles are weakened and a portion of abdominal lining pushes through, creating a bulge. This can occur due to tearing or strain placed on the muscles due to exercise or other vigorous activity. Hernia repair is accomplished by surgery and there are exercises that can prevent the condition from coming back.

Abdominal curls make the rectus abdominus muscles stronger, and are the best exercise for healing and future prevention. The curls are done by lying down with arms and feet flat on the floor, with the knees raised. The object of the exercise is to bend the knees to where the heels of the feet touch the fingers. Breath holding during the exercise will also help to build abdominal strength.

Performing leg raises on an abdominal slant board can combat muscle weakness. This exercise is accomplished by lying down on the board, with head at the bottom and hands grasping the sides. With another person available to provide resistance, the legs are then raised and gently moved apart. A variation of the exercise is trying to lift the legs while the other person holds them down.

After hernia surgery, exercising in a swimming pool can help with the healing process and jumpstart strength training. Using a flutter board while kicking the legs, as well as jogging or running in place in the water provides excellent but gentle muscle resistance. This is often the first step post-surgery, with the other exercises coming into play later on.

All exercises, especially after hernia repair surgery, should be started slowly and increased in intensity over time. This conservative approach will bring a better chance of long term success.

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