Fight Cancer with Rosemary

Posted: Nov 11 in Surgery Blog tagged by Staff

Rosemary has been shown to not only fight cancer but to prevent it as well. It has two ingredients that are primarily responsible for this therapeutic benefit: rosemarinic acid and caffeic acid. These are both powerful antioxidants and they reduce inflammation. Antioxidants fight free radicals that damage cells throughout the body. This damage can lead to many serious conditions and cancer is one of them. Free radicals can alter the DNA of cells that can lead to the cells replicating too rapidly and that can lead to cancer.

Other research has shown that rosemary may be useful as a skin cancer treatment. It was shown in laboratory experiments to prevent the formation of new tumors.

By reducing inflammation, rosemary helps the body in many other ways. Inflammation can cause or worsen liver disease, asthma, and cardiovascular conditions. When ingested by healthy people, rosemary will help to prevent cancer and skin damage due to age, and improve liver function.

Other Benefits of Rosemary

Another benefit of rosemary is it helps people lose weight. If you take a rosemary supplement, it will make you feel fuller because it slows down the digestion of fats. This happens because it inhibits the enzyme that breaks down fat in your body.

Drinking tea made from rosemary is another way to take rosemary as is using the dried leaves to season foods such as meats, salads, bread, and vegetables. Drinking the tea can help with digestion, and fight kidney disease, fatigue, headaches, bronchitis, and diseases of the stomach.

People in Cape Coral who have had laparoscopic surgery to overcome GERD know that they need to eat healthy to continue resisting heartburn and maintaining their weight. Herbs in general can make healthy foods even more palatable and rosemary in particular can help with weight loss and maintenance.

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