Common General Surgeries

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Doctors generally prefer to explore noninvasive treatments before resorting to surgery. However, with some conditions, surgery is the best option to correct the problem and provide relief for the patient. Some of the most common general surgery procedures in Ft. Myers, FL include gall bladder removal, appendectomy, hernia repair and hysterectomy.

Gall Bladder Removal

People who experience recurrent gall bladder attacks and gallstones may benefit from gall bladder surgery to avoid further complications. If left untreated, a person could develop pancreatitis or their gallbladder could rupture. To avoid these more serious problems, a patient will undergo a surgery called cholecystectomy, in which the surgeon removes the gall bladder.


The appendix is a small sac-like organ located in the lower right of the abdomen at the beginning of the large intestine. In some cases, a person gets appendicitis, a condition where the appendix becomes inflamed due to a bacterial infection. If appendicitis isn’t treated and the appendix ruptures, the condition is considered life threatening. Therefore, it is important for a patient with appendicitis to immediately undergo an appendectomy to remove the infected organ.

Hernia Repair

A hernia is a tear in the abdominal wall, from which the intestines protrude causing a visible lump. Hernias can push through when a person strains to life something heavy, has a bowel movement or coughs. For this reason, you can expect a hernia to grow larger as time goes on. They are commonly found in the groin, the belly button or on abdominal surgical scars. When a person gets a hernia, they must have hernia repair surgery in which the tear is sewn closed with manmade materials that do not degrade over time.


This surgical procedure involves the removal of the uterus, and may be necessary due to chronic uterine bleeding, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, cancer or chronic pelvic pain. Seventy-five percent of women who have had a hysterectomy are between the ages of 20 and 50.

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