3D Laparoscopic Surgery–The Treatment of the Future?

Posted: Apr 05 in Surgery Blog tagged , by Staff

A team of surgeons in the United Kingdom are the first to complete a laparoscopic surgical procedure using three-dimensional technology. This group of surgeons at the Manchester Royal Infirmary removed the prostate from a 62 year old man while wearing specialized glasses to view the operation in 3D.

The surgeons completed a regular laparoscopic operation to remove the prostate, but instead of using the traditional laparoscope, this tool was equipped with a 3D camera. During the operation, the images captured by the laparoscope were transferred to a high-definition screen that projected a 3D image of the procedure. The surgeon completing the operation used a hand-held robotic arm to complete the intricate surgical techniques required for the operation.

During a laparoscopic procedure, the surgeon inserts the laparoscope through minor incisions that are made into the abdomen. The small holes are why this type of operation is often referred to as a “keyhole” operation. While the camera and television screen provide a detailed, enhanced view of the area being operated on, the 3D cameras used recently in England also allow the surgeon to perceive depth. The Manchester surgical team noted that they hope the 3D technique will permit for more accuracy during difficult surgical procedures.

This new 3D surgical technology is brand new and is still being tested, and is thereby not yet an available form of laparoscopic surgery in Ft. Myers. The UK team is planning on performing a small number of other procedures on patients before the cameras are going to be offered more widely around the world. This is an interesting advancement in surgical procedures though, and one that can make us all question what the future of surgical treatment holds!

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