10 Things to Tell Your Surgeon

Posted: Jul 05 in Surgery Blog tagged by Staff

In order to limit complications and ensure the best outcome following your upcoming surgical procedure your surgeon is going to need certain information from you. Communicating effectively with your surgeon is crucial to your health and safety prior, during and after your operation. During your consultation at your doctor’s office in Fort Myers, make sure that your surgeon is informed about the following:

  1. Tell your doctor if you smoke, even if only occasionally. A number of smokers require more time on a ventilator after surgery.
  2. Let your doctor know about any medications you are taking. Some may need to be discontinued before surgery for your safety.
  3. Make sure that your surgeon knows about your medical history and past surgeries. Prior surgeries will have left internal scars, and can change the procedure for your current surgery.
  4. Let your doctor know if you drink. The amount of alcohol you normally consume can change your reaction to pain medication.
  5. Although it could be uncomfortable to admit that you use illegal drugs, it is vital to let your doctor know if you do. Your reaction to pain medications could be affected.
  6. Tell your doctor about any religious issues regarding medical care. If your religion, for instance, does not allow blood transfusions, your doctor needs to know before surgery.
  7. Let your doctor know about your current state of health. If you are diabetic your doctor will need to know so that necessary preparations for your care can be made.
  8. If you are running a fever or are currently sick, let your doctor know. Your surgeon may want to delay the procedure until you are well.
  9. Tell your doctor if you have had problems in prior surgeries, such as waking up while under anesthesia. Your doctor can make arrangements to help avoid future issues.
  10. If you have any allergies, it is important to tell your doctor. This way, you can assure that you are not given medications that have caused an allergic reaction in your past.

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